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Artificial Intelligence is already changing the way businesses are operating worldwide. Find out how you too, can embrace AI to future-proof your business.

Innovative visual search capabilities

Building a customer-centric visual search which accurately presents customers with what they are looking for is ideal for every business owner. With this main objective in mind, our AI powered search solution is built to unlock  hidden values in volumes of unstructured data, monitor trends and anomalies, as well as surface patterns for actionable insights. Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and image analysis to better understand how search works, we are able to find users what they are searching for more efficiently yet effortlessly.

How can we help?
We analyze your users’ previous searches and based on the findings together with our personalized analytics solution, our Search AI will enhance new searches to present more accurate results. Best part, we provide your end users the freedom to search visually and/or textually with great precision. This will help to increase your click through rates on a larger scale while building feature-rich applications for your business.

Visual Search

Improves the speed and quality of image search engine results.

Reverse Image Search

Improves the speed and quality of image search engine results.

Image Tagging

Simplifies search for a specific object in an image effortlessly.

Image Aesthetic Scoring

Identifies the best, eye-grabbing visuals to use.

Search Understanding

Analyzes search characteristics from text input to make the best decision.

Identifying feature rich opportunities

Through identifying patterns from imagery and textual data, our Computer Vision and Language Understanding solution helps our customers to understand their products and services better in order to become more feature-rich. By enriching their products’ visual and textual understanding capabilities, our clients will be able to offer higher power of control for their end-users to adjust or tweak any content, if needed.

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Our solution lets your products sense, comprehend and learn as humans do to extend its product capabilities. With proper placement of AI vision and strategy in products and services, our customers are then able to unleash the full potential of AI which helps the computer to see better via Computer vision – which is capable of obtaining vital information from images. From here, deploying Natural Language Processing (NLP) will then process human languages to enable object detection, image enhancement, as well as text understanding.

Auto HDR

Auto HDR

Boosts image viewing experience with a broader range of black and white tones.

Low Light Enhancement

Low-light enhancement

Improves visibility of image while retaining its natural appearance.

Image sharpening

Turns old or blurry shots into clear and crisp photos.

Depth of Field Prediction

Depth of field prediction

Creates the artistic look where part of an image is sharp and out of focus on other parts.

Face Parsing

Face parsing

Recommends targeted in-depth face beautification based on facial features and expression recognition.

Image Inpainting

Image inpainting

Recovers missing or corrupted parts of an image to restore the image naturally.

Auto Fixing

Auto fixing

Automates the image enhancement process by applying various modifications.

Background Removal

Background removal

Removes the background of an image quickly and automatically with zero clicks.


Predicting customers’ needs to boost retention

With our Customer Intelligence Solutions, we are able to analyze your customers’ behaviour in real-time. It will then predict, explain and deliver vital decision making insights along with  personalized recommendations to help you to decide on the next best move for your business. 

How can we help? 
We help our clients to develop a customer-centric experience for their customers which focuses on their needs, and deliver value to them. With the ability to anticipate customers’ needs better and increase retention through relevant information, our clients can make seamless experience recommendations based on personalized and targeted interactions.

Customer Predictive AI

Predicts customers’ wants, their next action, churning possibilities, and buying behaviour.

Customer Segmentation

Profiles your best customers, and their customer journey for nurturing and conversion.

Leads Generation AI

Determines customer attributes and apply findings to turn prospects into customers.

AI Recommender

Improves customer experience through relevant recommendations.

Concept Predictor

Predicts future color and design trends to keep content fresh and relevant.

Optimizing content creation with Graphic Design AI

Our Graphic Design AI solution will allow you to automatically tag and analyze the images of  your finished products in the contexts of content, visual style and structure. From here, the cognition AI comprising picture composition, color blending, matching, font pairing, color recommendations and copywriting in the design element level is built – leveraging on a huge knowledge-base built on the big data of marketing design and stock images. For instance, you will find that a banner consists of 5 basic elements namely copy, product shots, background, logo and decorating artifacts.

How can we help?
With the integration of Design AI into products and services, our clients will gain an upper hand in streamlining their design processes faster than humans can, to optimize creativity. This will enhance better performance and improve user experience, which often leads to better conversion.


fonts recommendation

Suggest the best fonts to use based on theme or concept.

text-to-colour recommendation

Visualizes words in colours to match their meaning.

text summarisation and rewriting

Simplifies and rephrases a long, complex paragraph in seconds.

auto copywriting

Generates text for marketing campaigns based on the brief input.