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At INMAGINE, our competence in Artificial Intelligence enables us to help businesses make more accurate, real-time decisions which leads to exploring new creative solutions to help advance their products and services to the next level.

With the implementation of proper creative AI solutions, every business, big and small, will have equal opportunity to gain its competitive edge to stay future-proof, and ahead in their respective industries.


AI Services

Power Search

visual search
reverse image search
tag relevance
image aesthetic
search understanding​

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Computer Vision

image enhancement
image sharpening
depth of field prediction
image aesthetic
text understanding

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Customer intelligence

customer churn
sales analysis
product recommender
search understanding​

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Graphic Design AI

aesthetic evaluation
font pairer
color matching
auto copywriting
image editing

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AI Examples

Drag the slider from left to right to compare images.

Image Sharpening

Improve the visual quality of a blurry image by amplifying the underlying details, make your blurry image or image from old camera sharper and more visible using our image sharpening AI.


Background Removal

Remove the background of an image quickly and automatically with zero clicks. Our background removal AI can handle a wide range of pictures of different subjects.


Auto Fixing

Without human input, our auto fixing AI is able to automate the image enhancement process to produce high quality photography results by applying various visual modifications to images.


Auto HDR

Significantly increase the detail in your photo by increasing the shadows and highlights of an image for a more pleasant viewing experience.


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